"This place is seriously a god-send!! My husband and I were both weary of in-home daycares because of all the horrific stories you hear, but this place kept coming up online whenever we'd search for child care in Federal Way. We took a chance, best decision we EVER made for our daughter. My son had gone to the larger child care centers, with-in the first week, we automatically saw the difference. Pauline and her staff really love and care not only for your child, but for you. Welcomed us with open arms, and instantly, we became family. Our daughter has grown & learned soo much, we will truly miss everyone. Wish I could pack them up and move them with us!"Evangeline I.

"I’m not sure I could even attempt to convey how much we love Country Bear Child Care. Pauline and her staff are so amazing, and they give our children so much love. I struggled with going back to work full time, and having them caring for my 2 girls made the transition so easy. My girls love going, they talk about daycare like its their second home. Every morning they run in and hug them, and I know they are cared for like they are their own. I consider Pauline and her family to be part of our family." Audrey B.

"My daughter attended Country Bear Childcare from the ages of 4-8. I was new to the area when she started & switching childcare seemed like a scary & daunting proposition. I was ecstatic to find somewhere so fantastic. The home based atmosphere truly felt like home & meant no turnover in employees. There is a much needed clear & constant line of communication. The children are kept active with manylearning based activities. The children can't help but blossom in the loving environment provided. A couple years after my daughter left I was expecting another child & had absolutely no doubt in my mind where he would go. I even visited while I was pregnant to make sure they would know to expect my new little one! The children are truly made to be a part of the family. They have an open door & open heart policy. The level of caring is just beyond even most people's high expectations for those caring for their children. I honestly couldn't imagine sending my children anywhere else. My husband works from home now, so daycare is no longer a requirement, but we still find random days that Gabe can go spend the day in their care anyway. It's like visiting family!"Cristine O.

"CBCC was an amazing experience. My daughter was there for over 8 years. The love that Pauline, Nana and the other staff share with the kids can't be found any where else. CBCC has a strong family like environment that not only the kids, but the families thrive in. CBCC was such a blessing to our lives. My daughter is now graduating high school and to this day Pauline and her family are like family to us!"Carley F.

"My husband and I (and our son!) love Country Bear Child Care. As a nervous, first time Mom, Pauline and everyone who works there made me feel at home. They treat the kids like they are all part of a big family, and my son loves going each day. We can't imagine sending him anywhere else!"Lauren & Josh B.

"We feel so blessed to have foundthe perfect daycare, and appreciate beyond words the loveyou show our little girl. Seeing her run up your stairs each morning, and hearing her talk about school...the care you give her isfar above and beyond anything I'd ever dared tohope we might find in any childcare situation. Back when I dropped her off for her first day at "school" and my first day back to work full time, Iwasn't sure I was going to be able to handle being separated from my baby. (Actually... I fully expected tolose my marbles within a week.) But here we are two years later, and it turns out I like being a full time WOHM. A huge part of that is thanks to you; focusing at work is no problem when you know your kid is receiving loving care, having a great time, and learning. Friends, family, and strangers constantly comment on how smart she is, and also on her manners.My favorite reactions are probably those totheconsistent and unprompted use of "please" and"thank-you" by a two-year-old. I know you introduced these phrases, because she started usingthem before it even occurred to me to start teaching them. Thank you so much for all you do." Haile (& Mike & Samantha)

"My son attended Country Bear Child care for a year and a half as an infant and toddler. I was so thrilled to find a child care option that combined the security, class space, and educational focus of a more traditional center; while also having the benefit of a smaller group of children and the caring of an entire second family. I never doubted that Pauline and her family cared for my son as if he were one of their own, and although we are living in Oregon now we still remain friends. I wish I could find an option like this where I live now for both my son, and his younger sister. A wonderful place for children and families to grow and thrive!" Amy R.

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